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Their biggest innovation is the creation of a complex network of very different actors and organizations that allows to recycle something that was not being recycled before and has a high environmental impact like fishing nets, getting as a result a product with a big added value as are the glasses. With no doubt, Sea2see is an example that demonstrates that every sector can be an agent of change for circular economy. Further information about the case study: Sea2See. Sea2See is the first of twelve best practices to be released over the next months. The Best Practice Publication in Circular Design will be completed with case studies within sectors like technology, furniture, clothing, lighting or packaging, to demonstrate that circular design strategies can be applied to improve the efficiency of almost every system.

The main purpose of this study is to broadly explore the potential for a significant increase in resource efficiency and to specifically assess what the main benefits for society would be? Read an article about the report on the website Energy in Demand here. Toggle navigation Donate Contact. Home Contact Donate. Patagonia has built its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, durable apparel. By continuing to produce long-lasting products from the best available materials and enabling repair, repurposing, and recycling, Patagonia maintains its position as a leader within its industry.

The Circular Study, by Anna Katherine Green

What actions can you take, as an individual, to contribute to the creation of a new textiles economy that is based on the principles of circularity? We have detected that you are using an older browser. Please update to the latest version of Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge to improve your user experience. If you are unable to upgrade your browser, please see our Technical FAQ page to get tips on how to improve your user experience.

Charity Registration No. Discover our other sites An action-oriented set of methods, mindsets and thought starters to help innovators design circular solutions that are fit for the future. Go to website.

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The online festival of ideas that asks: What if we could redesign everything? The go-to online location for news and insight on the circular economy and related subjects.

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Solving 3 Types of Circular Track Problems (First Meeting, Meeting at Start, Meeting Points)

Circular Economy What is the circular economy? Learning hub Concept. Our Work. Popular searches what is a circular economy CE make fashion circular plastics circular economy publications china report circular economy diagram circular economy case studies. The fashion industry of today. Key issues currently within the industry:.

Business models for sustainable consumption in the circular economy: An expert study

The vision of a new textiles economy. Such a system would have the following characteristics:. Develop business models that keep clothes in use. The role of the individual.

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The fashion industry of the future. Following that, it examines the vision for a new textiles economy through three focus areas that are critical to realising this vision: New business models that increase clothing use Safe and renewable inputs Solutions so used clothes are turned into new Finally, you will learn about the opportunities that exist for innovative business models that can be employed by the fashion industry, including clothing rental, increased durability, and boosting clothing care.

A new Club of Rome study on the Circular Economy and Benefits for Society

Growth of clothing sales and decline in clothing utilisation Close. Current clothing system Close. Why the current clothing system doesn't work Every second one truckload of clothing is landfilled or burned The current system for producing, distributing, and using clothing operates in an almost completely linear way. A new textiles economy is an attractive vision of a system that works Realising this vision of a new global textiles system relies on three focus areas: New business models that increase clothing use Safe and renewable inputs Solutions so used clothes are turned into new.

Develop business models that keep clothes in use Ensuring clothing is durable not disposable.

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The following sections delve into detail on some of these opportunities. Vigga Interview. Rental clothes models. Make durability more attractive. The case for new business models improves when clothes are of high-quality and durable. Make resale attractive to a wide range of customers Designing clothes to last and creating innovative resale models. The Real Real Close. We are the circular economy. What they offer customers: The RealReal offers customers access to high-quality, authentic, pre-used luxury products.

Circular solution: By creating a marketplace for pre-used luxury products, The RealReal is keeping these products and their materials in use for longer than they would be in a linear economy. Business success story: In , The RealReal grew beyond being a purely online marketplace, opening its first permanent retail store in New York City. Further information: Read more about The RealReal on their website.

Boost clothing care Support the efforts of customers to maintain their clothes for longer. Patagonia repair Close. Issue: Approximately one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned every second and it is estimated that more than half of fast fashion produced is disposed of in under a year. What they offer customers: Patagonia invites its customers return their used clothing and apparel to be recycled or repurposed, either by mail or dropping it off in store.

Circular solution: Patagonia operate the largest garment repair facility in North America it handled more than 40, individual repairs in and they have trained all of their retail staff to handle simple repair jobs.

Business success story: Patagonia has built its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, durable apparel. Further information: You can read more about the Worn Wear programme on the Patagonia website.