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Geoffrey jostled him from behind, and Aaron gave him a good-natured shoulder that sent his friend staggering back. You're skinny enough. So much for fresh air. The narrow street stank of shit--horse shit, dog shit, human shit; that's what came of living so close you couldn't take a crap without piling it on someone else's.

Give himfarm life any day. Plenty of shit there, too, but at least there was room to spread it around. He squinted up and down the street, his ale-soaked brain struggling to remember which way they'd come. That was another problem with towns. You couldn't see a damn thing. The buildings not only crowded your view, they crowded out the moonlight, and thelanterns dotting the street added more smoke than light. Aaron and Geoffrey came to the city every other month, bringing goods to market.

They'd finished their work this morning, but their families didn't expect them backuntil Sunday night, knowing that any young man who stayed home to help his parents on the farm deserved time to sample the cosmopolitan treats he was forgoing. One of those "treats" peered out from a side street as they passed. She met Aaron's gaze and batted her lashes in what he supposed was meant to be a come-hither look, but seemed more like soot caught in her eyes.

She couldn't have been more than twelve,the bodice of her dirty dress stuffed to simulate the curves she wouldn't see for another few years. Aaron walked over, and pressed a few coins into the whore's palm. A look--part relief, part trepidation--sparked in her eyes, then they clouded with confusion as he returned to his friends. John bumped against him. You forgot to take what you paid for. Aaron stopped. And, for once, let's leave it that way, or we'll spend another night on the street. As he walked, his steps steadied, the effects of the ale sloughing off as he focused on the voices.

He pulled himself up to his full height and peeled off his jacket. That was often enough--towerover the thug and flex his muscles, and most decided they really didn't need that few pence tonight after all. As he approached the black-haired lout and quaking shopkeeper, his gaze went to the ruffian's hands, looking for a weapon.

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Aaron grabbed the man's shoulder. Try me. A flash of metal. Where had that come--? The blade drove into his chest. Aaron shoved the man away and staggered back. His hands went to his chest. Blood pumped out over his fingers. The man came at him again, but the sound of running footsteps made him think better of it and he ran off intothe darkness. He stood there, knees locked, forcing himself to stay upright. Then he crumpled. Aaron twisted in his bed. The damned thing dug into both of his shoulders and butted against the top of his head and bottoms of his feet.

Cram as many people into a room as they can, and if you're more than average height, well, that's not the inn'sfault. Eyes still closed, he took a deep breath. Flowers and a faint musty smell. The mistress probably set out fresh blooms to cover the stink, so she wouldn't have to change the bedding more than once a month. He should open his eyes. He knew that--but he also knew that first blare of morning sun was going to feel like Satan's imps stabbing his eyes with pitchforks. He shouldn't drink so much. He wasn't used to it, and he paid for his folly every morning after. Speaking of folly.

He let out a groan as he remembered the man in the alley. Next time he decided to rescue someone, he'd take an extra moment to make damned sure the lout wasn't concealing a knife. Now he really didn't want to get up. He'd been stabbedin the chest once before, and it had taken him weeks to recover. The last time, he'd been unable to lift anything heavier than a piglet for a month.

His father had to do all the chores, and he'd kept sighing and muttering "Aaron, Aaron, Aaron," his weathered face wrinkling. But he kept his gaze down when he said it,to cover the pride in his eyes. Help those less fortunate than you, and you'll please him. His mother would be very firm about that. Take a moment to think as well. Even as the thought occurred, though, he dismissed it. They had their own families and jobs and farms. He was the only one left. His father relied on him. He groaned again. Enough of that.

Time to grit his teeth and get up. He pulled up his knees and they struck something with a hollow thwack. He opened one eye. The wavering glow of candlelight cast a dim glow in the dark room. Was it still night? He reached sideways to brace himself as he sat up, and his hand smacked against wood. A bed with sides on it? Had Geoffrey and the others dumped him in a horse trough again?

He opened the other eye. Then, grabbing the sides, he heaved himself up, bracing for the throb of pain through his chest. It didn't come. Had he dreamed the stabbing? His fingers moved to his chest. It felt fine. That damned cheap ale was giving him nightmares now. He sat up and blinked. He was in a dark, empty room, lit only by a few candles. It looked vaguely familiar. There was a board across his boxlike bed, pushed sideways away from his head and chest; that's what he'd hit his knees on. A black-robed figuresat near his feet, head bent forward in sleep.

Eve Levine has her own novel "Haunted" but that also takes place after she is dead. She is a recurring character in the novels, but all after she died. The two stories in this collection are the only ones I have read so far where Eve is alive. I don't know if there are other short stories about her life after Kristof and before she died. I haven't read the rest of the anthologies yet.

See 2 questions about Tales of the Otherworld…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Recommended to Kat Kennedy by: Tatiana. Shelves: kat-s-book-reviews. This is only a review for Elena and Clay's portion of Tales of the Otherworld as I never read the series past Stolen and they were the only couple I was interested in. In some ways, I was really glad I'd read it and in others I somewhat despaired. Beginnings is the story of how Clay and Elena met and fell in love, roughly set ten years before Bitten where they finally resolve their issues and relationship.

And that's the big problem for me. I'd always imagined, while reading Bitten, that they had This is only a review for Elena and Clay's portion of Tales of the Otherworld as I never read the series past Stolen and they were the only couple I was interested in. I'd always imagined, while reading Bitten, that they had this wonderful, deep relationship that had been destroyed by one act of betrayal and thus took ten years to get on track.

However, Beginnings shows that, really, Clay and Elena had a very shallow relationship that was really only the relational equivalent of an infant. It was hard to get to the end of their story and realize it would be ten years before they would both develop the skills and relationship that could be sustainable and healthy. However, I applaud Armstrong's impressive story-telling technique and abilities.

The text is most definitely well written with compelling characters and situations. So whilst in some respects, it didn't live up to what I'd imagined, it was still a great read and I'm still glad I had the opportunity for further insight into their relationship. Was it as great as Bitten? No, but honestly, how could an emerging tale of two flawed protagonists reaching an ultimately unsatifying ending possibly compare to the latter story of two seasoned and flawed protagonists finally coming together? Onto a more important topic: I think Armstrong is the only author so far to reasonably pull off a stalking, obsessive paranormal male as romantic, in my opinion.

Clay is socially disfunctional and nearly more wolf than man. It's understandable. Edward has no excuse. View all 10 comments. I'm completely gaga over The Women of the Otherworld series. It's hard to put these down - not only am I going through the novels in order thirteen full length , but also the several novellas and anthology collections. This is the first anthology I've taken on for the series, and if they continue to be as good as this one, I'll end up enjoying these almost as much as the full-length novels.

This is one of the highest recommended because it has Elena and Clay's novella where they first meet and I'm completely gaga over The Women of the Otherworld series. This is one of the highest recommended because it has Elena and Clay's novella where they first meet and bond. The anthology opens mediocre before blooming into greatness. Rebirth is Aaron's short story - how he died, how he rose, how he meets Cassandra.

It was just okay. I never cared about either character in the series either really. Short and to the point. Bewitched is telling the backstory of how Eve met Kristof and how they ended up working together and eventually falling for each other. It was okay, but since I'm not attached to either of the characters just yet, I wasn't as glued into the story. The ending felt slightly abrupt. I'm curious how he found out about the pregnancy and did she go into hiding? Only more reading will tell. It would work out reading this one before or after Eve's full length novel, Haunted.

Birthright is a short stint showing Logan coming to Stonehaven. While I usually love Clay, he was a little too trigger happy for my tastes in this one. It's brief and shows a quick intro to the character and how he came there. Beginnings is the heart of this anthology. Pretty much any fan of the series will want to see Clay and Elena meeting and falling for each other. The novella takes up most of the book at over pages.

Shows his offstandish personality with people which comes across adorable. I love the slow and realistic way their bond develops. It's not instant lightning strike but it's awesome. The scene with Jeremy explains much more than I understood before on the reasoning. Excellent novella fans should hunt down. Expectations is a brief journey of Lucas stealing a grimoire. It doesn't add anything to the cannons of the story, like Logan's short, but it's worth reading.

Ghosts is beautifully strong. Told through Jeremy's POV with flashbacks to Elena changed and begging to break from the cage, to Clay's weakness and also begging from the cage. It shows how lonely Jeremy is without him and how he fears the emptiness of the house.

Haunting in theme and gorgeous writing, one of the best of the anthology. It was funny as anticipated but I wish it were longer and could go into a bit more detail. Love that couple and the father's meddling. The Case of El Chupacabra was lengthy and enjoyable. We get into Paige and Luca's life while they explore and solve, but also other characters like Sean and a personal dilemma, Savannah showing off to her two grandfathers, Benecio's scheming, and a life changer for Lucas. Tales of the Otherworld carries stories central to the characters: Elena and Clay meeting, Paige and Lucas tying the knot, Kris and Eve first falling for each other.

It tells the backstory for a few minor characters like Aaron and Logan. Finally, it throws in some behind the scenes stuff that fleshes out some regulars like Jeremy. Highly recommended for fans of the series. View all 8 comments. Feb 06, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: book-challenge , vampires , demons , anthology , were , witches , zzread-dec , lawyers , sorcerer. As I was reading this book, I felt like I was back with some old friends.

I love the books. I want more! I did get more. I got more Clay and Elena, more Paige and Lucas, and more of the rest of the great cast of characters that inhabit this world. This is a collection of 8 stories featuring these characters. My one and only criticism is that a few of the shorter stori As I was reading this book, I felt like I was back with some old friends. My one and only criticism is that a few of the shorter stories ended a little abruptly. Aside from that, I was in Otherworld heaven. Clay was completely smitten by Elena and his protective side really comes out.

This is also a glimpse of a younger Elena, pre-werewolf. The Case of El Chupacabra involves a whole cast of characters.

Paige and Lucas are hired by Sean to solve a murder at a gay bar. I liked a lot of things about this story, notably the Cabal politics and the inclusion of Benicio Cortez. I would love to see more Benicio stories in the future. Cassandra and Aaron are also in this story to give us a vampire perspective. What I love about Kelley Armstrong's world is the diversity of characters. They are vampires, werewolves, witches, sorcerers, demons. They come from all walks of life and all colors and backgrounds. Reviewed on Rabid Reads It's been a few months since I've read a book by Kelly Armstrong but within moments of starting this one I was reminded why she's one of my all-time favorite authors.

Her writing skills are top notch and her characters are so real I feel as if they're my friends. Tales of the Otherworld is a real treat for both new and old fans because it offers a peak into this series without commitment but also offers new insights into your favorite characters.

There was one particular s Reviewed on Rabid Reads It's been a few months since I've read a book by Kelly Armstrong but within moments of starting this one I was reminded why she's one of my all-time favorite authors. There was one particular short story that I was looking forward to in this novel: the tale of how Clay and Elena met. My absolutely, most favorite, beyond the shadow of a doubt, werewolf couple. And rest assured that it did not disappoint! In fact, it was all that I could have ever hoped for and more!

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I'm getting warm fuzzy feelings all over again just thinking about it! There are a few short stories in this book that are only a chapter in length. Not much to go on if you're new to this series but for long-time fans they're like the cherry on top of a delicious sunday. Short but oh so sweet! One such story is about the beginning of Eve Levine and Kristof Nast's romantic relationship. Both of which are extremely badass and evil in their own right but this tale shows them in an entirely different light.

Love doesn't discriminate and even bad guys have a soft side. By the end of this short story I actually liked Eve. I was shocked by the history between these two! A quick side-note, they're Savannah's parents, and because of this my interest in their lives grew two-fold.

Tales of the Otherworld

I've been dying to know how Clay and Elena's relationship first began. Bits and pieces are mentioned throughout this series but this story really brings it all together. Again, I was surprised by the events in this tale. Modern day Clay is very masculine, which is still true in Beginnings but a whole new side of him is also explored.

When he meets Elena he falls head-over-heels and all of his walls turn into goo. I loved seeing this side of him. I already count him among my fictional boyfriends but this story made me pine for him even more! Elena is great too. In the more recent books of the Women of the Otherworld series she's strong, authoritative and the backbone of the pack but she didn't start out that way.

In this tale she's vulnerable, insecure and human. I could go on forever on the reasons why I adored Beginnings but I'm afraid to ruin it for those who haven't read it so I'll stop here. There I go getting emotional again! Will I be re-reading this one? Lucas and Paige are front and center in both of these stories. Another one of my favorite fictional couples. The second tale gave me a whole new understanding of Lucas and the motives behind his decisions. What more can I say!?

This book is incredible and I was enthralled from page 1. My expectations going into this novel were excessively high, but in true Kelley Armstrong fashion, she surpassed them by leaps and bounds. Read this anthology; in fact, read the whole series! I can't reiterate enough how fabulous all aspects of these books are so you'll just have to read them for yourselves and discover first-hand. I ordered a signed copy of this book a few days ago with the warning that I wouldn't receive it until May and then to my surprise it came through my letter box this morning! The Introduction explains that these stories were all previously available online on the author's website except of course the new story, Bewitched.

Rebirth - This is Aaron's story first seen in Stolen of how he became a vampire and how he met Cassandra also first seen in Stolen. I found this story interesting as it exp I ordered a signed copy of this book a few days ago with the warning that I wouldn't receive it until May and then to my surprise it came through my letter box this morning! I found this story interesting as it explains everything about being a vampire. I really like Cassandra and still hope she gets her own book but I have a feeling she won't get one until she's dying.

I loved this story. You can't help but hate Kristof's father, I'm so glad Eve and Kristof got their happy ending in Haunted. This is about how he came to the pack thinking he was going to meet his father and came face-to-face with Clay instead! A scary prospect. It tells the story from both Clay and Elena's points of view of how they met and fell in love, then Clay bites Elena and it all falls apart. I loved how Logan's meeting Elena made Clay seem more normal.

She basically puts the fear of god in him and lets him escape with his life and a broken arm. I'm not really a Lucas fan but I do like Eve. We get to meet his mother, who seems quite reasonable and laid back compared to Benecio - she becomes a restraining influence on him, trying to hold him back from taking control of their son's wedding, which in the end doesn't quite work! Although not my favourite story, I did feel for Sean and his situation.

It seems like all the Cabal heirs aren't allowed to be happy. View all 4 comments. May 20, Siobhan rated it really liked it. I was rather excited to read The Case of El Chupacabra as I was eager to get a decent length tale told from the point of view of my favourite male from the Women of the Otherworld series — Lucas. I believe the reason for this is that I set my standards a bit too high when I rea I was rather excited to read The Case of El Chupacabra as I was eager to get a decent length tale told from the point of view of my favourite male from the Women of the Otherworld series — Lucas.

I believe the reason for this is that I set my standards a bit too high when I realised there was a Lucas tale to be read. However, I did have a lot of fun with it, and it was close enough to a four-star rating for me to decide to round it up. With this one, we follow a tale that intertwines Lucas and Sean, giving us insight into the drama of both.

We get to find out more about Sean and his choices, along with finding out more about how certainly elements of the Paige and Lucas story come to be. There were points in this story where things seemed to drag on a bit, but for the most part I had fun watching how everything came together. With my love of the world and the characters, though, I was more than willing to believe Kelley Armstrong would be offering some great stories in the collections offered. Although I have given Tales of the Otherworld a three-star rating, know the book is made up of three-star reads and four-star reads.

The reason I gave an overall three-star rating is that I rounded down my rating, as there were more three-star ratings than four-star ratings. Despite the three-star rating, I did have a lot of fun with this one. There was so much enjoyment to be had throughout, with plenty of stories being offered, guaranteeing something for fans of each of the characters. Individual ratings: Rebirth: Three stars. Bewitched: Four stars. Birthright: Three stars.

Beginnings : Four stars. Expectations: Three stars. Ghosts: Three stars. Wedding Bell Hell: Three stars. The Case of El Chupacabra: Four stars. Nov 13, Luke rated it really liked it Shelves: the-otherworld-series. It was enjoyable. My only issue is that it was short, that not too much happened—apart from the "rebirth" of Aaron, that is—and I wish there was more to it. That aside, it was still a good read.

Tales of the Otherworld

I'm totally on board. Eve always surprises me—I accepted that fact when I read Haunted. And Kristof surprised me as much as Eve did. I loved them so much together, and the ending, even though I knew it was coming, broke my heart. It was short, and I wouldn't have minded to read more about Logan since his character isn't that prominent in the main series due to circumstances that you would know if you read Bitten.

It was an interesting read. I enjoyed seeing Elena before she became a werewolf; it detailed more on her past. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot! I don't know why, but I do. Okay, actually I do—he is so dang cute. I liked this glimpse into his past. My expectations were definitely met. And I can't wait to read more of stories with him. Basically, flashbacks haunt him like ghosts. Or at least that is how I am putting it since it allows me to be all punny.

It was short. And I mean, so short. Overall, I enjoyed it, though. I can say that, yes, it is. But I would've enjoyed it better if there had been more going on. Not to imply that I didn't enjoy it, because I did, but if there had been something like a threat, or something like a mystery, involved, perhaps it would've worked better for me. Overall, though, it was still enjoyable.

I especially enjoyed the look into the character of Sean, who, in the main series, doesn't really get to shine as much as he does in this story; I hope, when I reached Savannah's books, he is more prominent. And of course, there was Lucas—I love him. The plot was intriguing, and I didn't want to miss a thing, so there was no skimming whatsoever. When I reached the end, though, I wanted more, which. View 2 comments. Mar 25, carol. I enjoyed reading the Tales of the Otherworld, but would suspect it is a book largely for fans.

I had forgotten how vampires worked in Armstrong's world. When she I enjoyed reading the Tales of the Otherworld, but would suspect it is a book largely for fans. When she is first introduced chronologically we are given to understand she is a witch of the blackest order. I enjoyed this background tale a great deal, but continue to be confused about the extreme dichotomy we see in her character, from sensitive, misunderstood mother to black witch for hire, willing to kill as needed.

This one didn't do it for me; I think it wasn't long enough or well enough characterized to care about Logan. The other men in the story are familiar from other books, but I had forgotten who one of them was, and there wasn't really enough background to help me remember. Definitely a fan-only piece. Note to self: add Bitten to personal collection. A story of how Elena and Clay met and fell in love, and does well to capture the singlemindedness of the werewolf and the unsureness of Elena's feelings.

Anticlimactic storyline. I tend to dislike Lucas' voice as narrator and think it sounds very stilted. It was interesting because I knew the character from the novels, but still didn't feel like fleshed out enough. It's the sort of scene that comes to you in inspiration, but needs to be written and lengthened to come to shareable fruition.

Again told in Lucas' voice. Had bonus moments of Cassandra, a vampire at the end of life, who provides moments of levity through her sheer non-interest in most human activities. Bewitched - This is the story of how Eve and Kristof met and fell in love. And also the specifics concerning why she left him. Fair warning--it's as lovely as it is heartbreaking. Birthright - Logan POV. How he joined the Pack. Beginnings - At close to pages this is closer to a short story than a novella not that I'm complaining. It's the story of how Clay and Elena met and fell in love right up to where it all went to hell you can read about the hell part in Becoming.

Was it a crap thing to do? About an alleged vampire killing and how Lucas and Paige came into possession of their office space. The stories in this collection are mostly okay. There are two and half stand-outs, but the rest of the stories aren't bad, but just okay. However, one cannot but be joyful at the reason for this book's publication and its use in raising money.

The two stand out stories are the story of Eve and Kristof's relationship and the story of Elena and Clay up until the bit that forms the basis for the interaction in the first novel of the Otherworld series. In many ways, Eve's story is better, the charact The stories in this collection are mostly okay. In many ways, Eve's story is better, the characters are old, more mature.

It raises some intersting questions, but also gives greater strength to the issues of trust raised in Bitten. So, worth reading simply for the two stories as well as the cause the book supports. View 1 comment. Lucas and Paige short story with a tiny bit of Sean Nast tossed in. This was an awesome collection of short stories. We got some seriously good backstory on these characters.

I had not realized just how long it was that Aaron and Cassandra knew each other. I hadn't realized his vampirism was hereditary, either. I liked that story. Then, we get the story of how Eve met Kristof, loved Kristof and left Kristof. Eve is still one of my favorite characters in this series. She is awesome and Kristof solidified himself as my second favorite hero in this series. I already This was an awesome collection of short stories. I already loved him after reading Eve's book, but this one just made me love him even more.

We really got to see just what it was that attracted her to him. He was ruthless, yes, but he taught her a lot and he was an excellent father. Plus, had he been given a chance, he would have fought for his relationship with Eve. His douchebag Dad never allowed that to happen and Eve left to save him from having to make an impossible choice.

That story made me feel pretty sad. I cried a bit. I loved this. It was a normal love affair save for Clay's wolf nature mucking things up. We see just what freaked him out so much that made him bite Elena, lose her trust and push Jeremy right over the edge. He didn't like what he did, but as we know, things eventually worked out for the two of them.

I actually ended up loving Clay a whole lot more from reading this despite how horribly he messed things up. He was so freaked out and torn. I wanted to hug him. Reading this, it makes me feel a little more sympathetic to Elena's behavior in Bitten. That book was difficult to get through for me because I couldn't stomach Elena's attitude.

It makes more sense to me now. Loved Jeremy's POV of what he had to deal with during that mutt revolt and the "ghosts" of the past he still saw around the house. The memories of the aftermath of Clay biting Elena were hard. Jeremy lost it. But when you got back to the current situation, he so obviously wanted them both safe and in the Pack together.

The story of Lucas's first encounter with Eve was cute. I loved the story of Paige and Lucas's wedding! They made Benicio so happy that day. That El Chupacabra case worked out for Paige and Lucas in the end, too. I'm glad Lucas found a way to put the insecurities about being able to help with supporting his family to rest. I hope Sean Nast gets some much needed happiness as well.

I already liked him when he was introduced in Industrial Magic and then from Eve's check-in with him in Haunted. This story made me hurt for him. I love Sean Nast. Dec 03, Melissa marked it as read-part-of. I finished Bitten and realized there were a bunch of prequel short stories to that book, so going by the author's website I think that's where I got my chronological list of stories I started with the first. Rebirth: It's not really related to the characters in Bitten, but it was a good quick read and I'll look forward to see more of those characters somewhere else in the series.

Perhaps I'll go check out the publication dates before I go to the next. Either way though I enjoyed Aaron and Cass I finished Bitten and realized there were a bunch of prequel short stories to that book, so going by the author's website I think that's where I got my chronological list of stories I started with the first. Either way though I enjoyed Aaron and Cassandra's story and look forward to learning more about them further in the series. Bewitched: I loved this story! I can't wait to read more about these characters later in the main series, hopefully there will be some resolution later in the series to this story that left me hanging a bit and holding out hope for Eve and Kris!

Honestly I fell in love with these two characters and based on this story theirs will be so heartbreaking, but I can't wait to read it! Birthright: Very short story about how Logan learned about his birthright. This one could have been even longer for me. Beginnings: Another excellent backstory this one of Clay and Elena's history before Bitten.

Tales of the Otherworld

How they met and the circumstances of their courtship and relationship before the events in Bitten. A really great insight into their early relationship and what brought them together and to Stonehaven. Expectations: A backstory for Lucas a new character for me , a brief appearance by Eve who I've met earlier in these prequel short stories , and a glimpse of her daughter, and the machinations of a rival Cabal I've seen mentioned before too.

Lots of tiny pieces that I can't wait to see how they all fit together. Ghosts: Great story from Jeremey's POV, takes place during the events in Bitten, and basically is him thinking back on Clay and Elena's relationship, the part he played in her transformation, and the situation they find themselves in now. I really enjoy Jeremey's take on some of the other characters. A wonderful wedding story filled with all the little things family does that complicates and makes things so utterly memorable. The Case of El Chupacabra: To read Apr 01, Francesca the Fierce Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: vampires , genre-urban-fantasy , witches-shaman-magic , anthologies-novellas , werewolves-shifters , books-read I enjoyed reading these stories, it all helps build a better picture of the Otherworld.

Here's a small review of each story in no particular order. The Case of El Chupacabra. Forgive me if this was explained in other books, I might've overlooked it, but I didn't know that Sean Nast was gay. That is actually pretty cool, I'm ok with that and want to see where this will go. I liked seeing Lucas and Paige in a more day to day operation investigating this case, and we also have a guest appearance by I enjoyed reading these stories, it all helps build a better picture of the Otherworld. I liked seeing Lucas and Paige in a more day to day operation investigating this case, and we also have a guest appearance by Cassandra.

It just could've been shorter in my opinion. This is the story of how Logan came to be a part of the pack. It is kinda sad to read more about him, being that we don't get to know him in the series. This takes place before book 2, Eve and Savannah get captured, and she will do whatever is necessary to get her daughter out of danger.

Except she doesn't quite make it.

Tales of the otherworld (eBook, ) []

These are more of Jeremy's ghosts during Biten. It felt like a deleted scene from a movie, and it was a nice backstory to his character. Who knew Lucas had gone after Eve!! I think throughout this whole book, not just this story, I've learned to like Lucas Cortez a lot more. And in this story, he actually fights Eve, gets away, and steals something from her. OK, so maybe I lied, I left my two favorite stories for last. Wedding Bell Hell.

This is the preparations for Lucas and Paige's wedding.