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I am confident that far fewer of us would have gone on to start our own companies had our parents held typical 9-to-5 jobs.

Minimal, Small-Space Living for A Growing Family

But growing up in an entrepreneurial home benefited me in more ways than merely sparking my passion for business at a young age — although it certainly did that as well. I also gained invaluable real-world business experience long before many of my peers began their path to entrepreneurship. From my upbringing, I learned three key lessons about running a business — lessons I still use today at my company. Nine out of 10 startups will fail.

To be successful, entrepreneurs need resilience. I watched my father come close to bankruptcy and bounce back.

I learned to compartmentalize, separate my business ambitions from the rest of my life, and not allow setbacks to destroy me emotionally. The good news is that this resilience can indeed pay off. Having both grown up in small towns themselves, the Mehrers knew they wanted their kids to have a similar upbringing to their own.

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They grew up in a small, rural town where the school was a short walk away and the edge of town not that much farther. They knew when the evening whistle blew it was time to come home. Now, their kids run home upon hearing that same familiar call. Hilary also knew she wanted to continue growing her family business to a national scale. At first, the two goals — raising a family in rural North Dakota and growing a nationally competitive business — seemed to pose a challenge.

Thank you for sharing it and inspiring other people to do the same.

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate the encouragement and support. I really loved your home! Congratulations Alison on the newest addition to your family! And your home is so inspirational. Thanks so much Laura!

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We are nervous to add another in the mix but hope we can make it work. Appreciate the encouragement more than you know! Such a beautiful space, Alison!

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Congratulations on adding another little one to your family! Toggle navigation.

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EN SP. Despite the small footprint of their living room, an oversize down-filled sectional from ScanDesign sits at its heart. The happy family all together. This teak sideboard is one of Alison's favorite pieces, and one which has passed the test of time and her scrutiny. Some of the only items within their home that exist purely for pleasure are plants.