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I think the answer is nothing and everything: no consistency other than confusion. In terms of future elections, Obama has created a new racial paradox for Democrats, the ironic wage of his own racial divisiveness. Polls now show that the public is more likely to consider Obama racially divisive than a healer. In the upcoming midterm election, it is still unclear whether minority voters will continue to turn out in record numbers and vote in record lockstep Democratic fashion, a scenario increasingly critical to Obama as he loses independents.

When one plays at zero-sum identity politics, each voter energized by racial referencing also means one voter — or more — polarized. Cap and trade is dead. Steven Chu and his hopes for gas prices to reach European levels will be as memorable a wish or prediction as was his sigh that California agriculture would dry up and blow away. That fact will be more remembered than the promised wave of new green electric cars and high-speed rail. One way or another, Obamacare will be repealed.

If a House representative in had suggested that those in the executive branch should not enforce the employer mandate of the newly passed Obamacare, he would have incurred charges of being disloyal to the Constitution. With friends like these, why does Obamacare need enemies? Why would the IRS, charged with enforcing Obamacare, wish its own employees to be exempt from the statutes it will enforce on others? The more vehemently a group in demanded Obamacare — unions, government employees, pro-Democratic businesses — the more likely they were by to wish exemption from it. If anyone were to repeat the Obama reform mantra of — a new transparency, an end to lobbyists, no more revolving doors — it would incur laughter.

I think Obama will do the same when he leaves office, in the fashion of both Hillary Clinton and Lisa Jackson. Is that comparison fair to either of them? Did Obama, in compensation, give us Reconstruction or an opening to China? Has he accomplished as much as Harding? Americans are always up for a good class war. But to be a good class warrior also requires the pretense of populism.

Yet we are learning that he is proving even a more inconsequential figure than was Carter. And so likewise in years to come, even his true believers will talk more of an iconic Barack Obama before and after he was president — but rarely during. Email Address. Learn More In this episode, we look at Versailles in the context of the wider war and the wartime diplomacy of the era , examine the American role in World War I, parse the claim that the First World War was little more than a tragic mistake, and scrutinize claims that modern geopolitical tensions have parallels to those of Listen to this episode now.

Victor Davis Hanson explores the factors driving the social, economic, and political decline of California. Victor Davis Hanson explains why a change in circumstances since the Bush years necessitate a changed approach to the U. Listening to state-sponsored propaganda radio-stations from the West such as BBC and Voice of America became national pasture of Soviet citizens, especially educated one.

Despite all the jamming. Similar situation happened with the USA after , when citizen suddenly start showing some level of interest RT broadcasts and views on internal situation in the USA ;-. In the name of the "health of the state", democracy be dumned religious term which literally means " condemned to eternal punishment". But in both cases it is all about eliminating political rivals. They use all of the techniques as "low demand" faith groups use: requiring members to accept a system of beliefs, conforming to certain behavioral norms; expecting them to involve themselves in the life of the congregation, etc.

However, mind-control groups add many additional methods, and take them all to a much higher level. Some are:. Members are not physically restrained from leaving the group. They are not held prisoner.

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They can walk away at any time. But there are strong pressures to remain. If they left, all social and emotional support would disappear; they will often be shunned. Some groups teach that God will abandon or punish them if they leave. They may be told that they will die in the imminent war of Armageddon if they leave the protection of the group.

The main methods here always was the generation and totalitarian control of "suitable" narrative that's why Sheldon Wolin called neoliberal society " inverted totalitarism " :. This official narrative does not have to make sense, or to stand up to any sort of serious scrutiny. Its factualness is not the point.

The point is to draw a Maginot line, a defensive ideological boundary, between "the truth" as defined by the ruling classes and any other "truth" that contradicts their narrative. In the USSR journalist were called "soldiers of the Party" so in the less humiliating way we can call them "soldiers of neoliberal establishment" ;-. Due to the size an introductory article was converted to a separate page Neoliberal Propaganda. For the list of top articles see Recommended Links section. The Borderlands of the Ukraine have been a decisive battlefield for centuries.

Here Stockholm, Berlin and Moscow vied for dominance. The Democrats had made their biggest political mistake of the century in attacking Trump for the Biden affair -- that is, if the Americans retain any common sense. Vice-President Biden extorted millions of dollars in personal bribes from the vulnerable Ukrainian client state.

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  5. When this sordid affair came under investigation, he blackmailed Ukrainians, using his position and American taxpayer money to force the sovereign state to fire its Attorney General for investigating the bribes. Instead of covering their face in shame and dismissing Biden as a potential party candidate in the race, the Dems led by the superannuated Mrs Pelosi decided to impeach the President for uncovering this rogue.

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    In the well-remembered flick Dirty Harry the lawyers tried to save a criminal by attacking the policeman who didn't observe the niceties of a Miranda warning. This was the model for the Dems in their impeachment attempt. Biden's criminal extortion wasn't a secret. He boasted of this racket at a public occasion. He famously admitted that:. I said, I'm telling you [the Ukrainian leaders], you're not getting the billion dollars. I said, you're not getting the billion. I'm going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.

    Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time. The Ukrainians put in place someone who was solid at the time, so solid that he terminated the investigation of Burisma oil company. John Solomon of The Hill wrote:. The fired prosecutor Mr Viktor Shokin said that Biden fils had been under investigation. My Kiev acquaintances had a memory of a good-for-nothing young man, keen on coke and broads, who by himself would never get such a salary.

    You would ask, why Biden admitted to the crime? He considered himself untouchable like Mrs Clinton and other people of her circle. Mischievous President Trump decided to prosecute Biden for bribery and extortion, as if he were an ordinary mortal. This was a direct threat to the Clintonites let us use this nickname for the power variously described as Democrats, Liberals, Internationals, financiers, Masters of Discourse or Deep State. This challenge caused them to abandon caution and to start a furious pre-emptive campaign against cocky Trump.

    Their accusation is outright ridiculous: they claim Trump's intention to bring Corrupt Joe to justice was criminal per se , as Biden was a likely contender for the Dem nomination. As it happens, the US Constitution didn't find it fit to provide likely contenders with full immunity for past and future crime prosecutions.

    It's just the Clintonites were used to be above the law. Indeed, for three years President Trump avoided to touch them. Crimes of Mrs Clinton were well known, from the simple affair of the email server to the Libya murders. It was expected victorious Trump would unleash the law against the defeated dowager for Mrs. Clinton's role in the Obama administration's decision to allow the Russian nuclear agency to buy a uranium mining company.

    Conservatives have long pointed to donations to the Clinton family foundation by people associated with the company, Uranium One, as proof of corruption, reported the New York Times. The Clintonites saved the old lady's skin by starting the Russiagate hoax. In election debate Trump told Clinton that, if he was in charge of the nation's laws, "you'd be in jail". But a year later he was in charge, and she wasn't in jail, not even charged.

    The ruse of Russiagate worked wonders: the President accused of collusion with Russia did not dare to charge his adversary with this very offence.

    See a Problem?

    Now the Clintonites decided to repeat their feat and began impeachment procedure hoping it will keep Trump busy and away from uncovering the Ukrainian Hell's Kitchen. What actually had happened in the Ukraine? In , Clintonites had managed the regime change in this former Soviet republic. They removed the legitimate president by using the full spectre of illegal operations.

    They had turned Ukraine against Russia and instigated the civil war in the East of the poor country, despite strong efforts of president Putin to keep Russia out of Ukrainian turmoil. But they also gave a thought to personal profiteering, like they did in Russia in Joe Biden had been treated royally in Kiev. He was asked to chair government meetings and proudly sat on the Presidential seat. The Ukrainians are not famous for their subtlety.

    Nice people, but rather simple ones, even by East European measure. They became involved in election campaign on the Clintonite side. The obliging Ukrainians delivered to him the dirt on Paul Manafort, and Manafort went to jail. The Ukraine is the second home for CrowdStrike , the cyber-security company that was instrumental in accusing Russia of meddling.

    People in Kiev say he had built the case against Russia on the strength of a single server allegedly used for hacking the DNC. The server is located in the Ukraine, not in Russia. President Trump asked for its whereabouts in his conversation with the Ukrainian President Mr Zelensky. The subject of the server makes many people in the Clintonite camp extremely nervous. They already marked it with "conspiracy" marker, meaning you may not touch it. In another "conspiracy debunking" item they created a straw man, saying "the notion that there is some missing "server," and that the server might exist somewhere -- like in Ukraine -- has no basis in reality.

    The DNC's network consisted of many servers and computers". It had left some Russian-language traces, and it was presented as a proof of Russian involvement. But Alperovich's hackers in the Ukraine also use Russian as their working language, and this allowed the Russia-hating Jew an opportunity to create the whole chain of "proofs" of Russian hackers' activity with fancy names. Recovery of the server would put paid to the whole myth of Russian hacking, and would make the Clintonite case untenable.

    Alperovich, obsessed with his hatred, could cook the case of Russian meddling, but it had to be ordered and utilized by somebody up the feeding chain, most probably Joe Biden. And now Joe Biden, the real criminal, who took bribes and blackmailed the friendly state officials, who orchestrated foreign involvement in the US elections, went on to become the leading contender for Dem party.

    The Dems claimed Trump threatened to withdraw funds from the Ukraine if they won't cooperate with the US enquiry. This claim had been debunked after the full transcript of two Presidents' chat had been published. But even if it were sterling truth, it would be business as usual for the US. You probably remember the threats of cutting aid that were issued by the US representative in the UN in order to force sovereign states to vote for Israel. How could they find fault in Trump allegedly threatening to cut aid to Ukraine if they think Biden was perfectly all right for doing exactly that?

    But these guys aren't playing cricket. The forthcoming Presidential race is becoming a global affair, it seems. In so many countries the US influence had been delivered by agents of Clintonite clan, and all of them are tempted to do what the Clintonites ask, that is to help them to undermine President Trump. In the Ukraine, the struggle of Clintonites and Trumpers is far from over.

    President Zelensky promised President Trump to help him; but the oligarchs of the Ukraine are in Clintonite camp. All but one: Igor Benny Kolomoysky, a maverick Jewish oligarch and a friend of the President, is an enemy of Clintonites. The loans were mainly stolen by the gang of the former President, Mr Poroshenko.

    People in Kiev say that about 1. Kolomoysky is also the only oligarch who is not in bed with the liberals. The balance of power in the Ukraine is not in favour of Trumpers. The Ukrainians like to back winners; once they made a mistake supporting Mrs Clinton, as they were sure she would win. Perhaps they will make this mistake again.

    It would depend on the actual Dem contender. Joe Biden had cooked his goose by taking too many bribes in the Ukraine, but another contender may have a better chance, the Ukrainians think. Mrs Warren, perhaps? They even fiddle with the idea of Mrs Hillary Clinton running again and winning this time. He contributed many millions to her fund; he finances the Atlantic Council, the Clintonite think-tank, fighting against Russia and Euro-sceptics.

    He is 'the wealthy businessman' Trump referred to in his talk with Mr Zelensky. Judging by Trump's interest in the Ukrainian server, the President is aware that the old lady is still able to do some mischief, and his promise to take her to jail is still unfulfilled.

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    It is possible in the presidential race , the Dems will use drafting technique, as the long-distance runners or bikers, or cross-country skiers do. The first leading contender in our case, Biden would get the flak, get exhausted, and in the last moment he would withdraw from the race yielding the nomination to his well-rested comrade, be it Warren or Clinton or whoever.

    Bearing that in mind, Trumpers could keep some of the ammo they have on Biden and there is a lot to find in the Ukraine until or rather if he gets the nomination. Israel Shamir can be reached at adam israelshamir. This article was first published at The Unz Review. One might also conclude that, with their command of the Deep State especially the CIA and FBI and mainstream media, they will come out the winner in this game.

    The key mode of operation: aggressively, and very loudly, accuse your opponents of whatever crimes you are committing. Flip reality upside down.

    Is Ethical Marketing an Oxymoron?

    The mainstream media have thoroughly obstructed all lines of investigation into facts which contradict the Clintonite narrative. And Silicon Valley is working furiously to shut down any discussion in alternative media on the Internet which addresses these issues. I love the Chevron sponsorship symbol in the background.

    As a follow-up to my December 2nd blog post, our major media failed to report that last week:. Sixteen FBI agents on Nov. The documents in question allegedly showed that federal officials failed to investigate possible criminal activity related to Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, a Russian nuclear company. Its subsidiary purchased Canadian mining company Uranium One in Grassley gave Wray and Horowitz until Dec. Why would a coke head like Hunter Biden, with a string of failed ventures with shady characters and living in the US have been sought out for a position on the board of a Ukraine gas company?

    Even "if" Biden did not secure that job for is son and his son was 'sought out' by the Ukraine gov or the company owners because they thought that contact would help them Then Biden is still guilty of putting his son's advancement above obvious 'conflicts of interest' in letting him assume the job. Don't know about others but when I was growing up in teen years I was constantly schooled by my father to 'not put myself in ' company or situations' that could lead to my being associated with anything questionable that might happen. I would think that should have been how Biden viewed his son taking the Ukraine company position..

    But then again Biden is both stupid and without any ethics. And so much for his free speech support LOL. During this time, Hunter Biden was busy making a living in his father's wake. He left to become a lobbyist in , though he continued receiving consulting fees from the bank. For years, beginning in the late '90s, Joe Biden had been a top Democratic supporter of a controversial bankruptcy bill that aided issuers of credit card debt, like MBNA, by making it harder for borrowers to seek bankruptcy protections.

    The consulting fees to Hunter continued until , when the bankruptcy bill finally passed with Joe's support. The Bidens have said that Hunter avoided lobbying his father. Do me a favor did Biden say to Obama????? Igor Benny Kolomoysky, a maverick Jewish oligarch and a friend of the President, is an enemy of Clintonites. Sure he is agains bankers.

    Who are you fooling Shamir?

    Come on, get real. This is intra-Jewish affair. Kolomoysky is as bad for Ukraine as the Clintonites. I want to be careful here because many people don't grasp the value of what the justice is really all about. At it core the Constitution is by design intended to limit government intrusion. The Miranda expectation is not a dodge. Its primary if fencing the abridgement of a citizens personal space on a whim.

    In reality Miranda is probably not strong enough. It is not a trick to cover up criminal behavior. And the democrats call for impeachment is not in any way related to Miranda, not as simile or metaphor. If this depiction of events is remotely true I haven't personally researched it , one might conclude that the cunning, ruthlessness, brazenness, greed and malice of the Clintonite Democrats is off the charts -- of Mafia or Stalinist caliber. These Senators, though, they'll go with the wind. They certainly could do it [vote to remove Trump from office], but something dramatic would have to change.

    So I think Trump ultimately will benefit. This whole Ukraine thing is so weak. The Mueller and Russia hysteria has apparently gone out the window, or it's kind of background to this.

    A blog about journalism & publishing

    We've now moved on to this -- phone call. It's basically Trump being Trump. He is praising this comedian that won a miraculous victory ". In a morally healthy society, these criminals would suffer anathema and ostracism. In a morally unhealthy society well. Burisma Holdings. That suggests that the thesis of this article about Kolomoysky being against the Democrats untenable.

    In Ukraine, Joe Biden's son mixes business with pleasure Here is the dirt Trump wanted from Zelensky about the Bidens and why Zelensky doesn't want to give it to him -- hidden by rampant falsehoods in the press It is important to realize that this company has acquired licenses to exploit Ukraine's largest gas field through dishonest means. The bribes paid to father Biden are much greater than what the son received.

    In any case, these bribes are a tiny fraction of the value of these gas fields. This gas company is in a position to greatly profit from any deterioration in Russian-Ukrainian relations. An extension and exacerbation of the civil war in the east of that country will lead to a shortage of gas. Shortage of gas leads to higher prices for consumers. War-profiteering at the expense of the poorest country in Europe. The bigger question is: how much does it really matter what crimes and tricks are played in Washington? I am reminded of J.

    Ballard's superb short story "Manhole 69", about an experiment to see if men could be treated and trained to do without sleep. They succeed, but are found one morning in a state of catatonic withdrawal. To them, the whole world has shrunk and collapsed down to a tiny bubble surrounding each person's body, so that — with no external source of stimuli — their minds shut down.

    Similarly, the more fascinated the Swamp creatures get with their own navels, the less their intrigues matter to anyone outside their little personal bubble. By and by, they may look up to notice that the world has gone on without them. For that is what one does when one votes. If it be argued that we must let bygones be bygones, see what can be done toward cleaning up the institution of the State so that it might be useful in the maintenance of orderly existence, the answer is that it cannot be done; you cannot clean up a brothel and yet leave the business intact.

    We have been voting for one "good government" after another, and what have we got? The mention of Miranda is in reference to a fictional screenplay. What else you got over there? Ukraine has been deepstate occupied territory for a long time, according to Eliason's articles. Try as I might, I was hard pressed to confirm the ethnic origin of Dmitry Alperovich. But Israel Shamir was kind enough to put that mystery to rest.

    Thanks Israel! I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the above statements are true. The Soviet regime could repress people through violence or the threat of it. They could never convince people that there really are 52 sexes or the need to bring in tens of millions of illegals and replace the population with foreigners. What no one is talking about here is the much bigger crime against humanity that the Obama administration committed by engineering the catastrophic Ukraine Civil War. Not only did Biden's warmongering tear apart that country, that continuing war served to re-start the Cold War with Russia.

    How calamitous for the world community of nations is that intentional outcome designed by the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Nuland war-making team?! It ought to be apparent how the Left is co-opting real scandals with fake scandals by even using the same memes and MSM emotionally-charged language.

    Deep State knows that the ensuing confusion is simply far too great for the average American voter to comprehend as the true story is so obfuscated by the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media. This remains to be seen. I'm not optimistic considering the massive propaganda loudspeakers being brought out to steer the narrative. The Clintons and Biden, among others, have been irredeemably corrupt their entire lives yet have had a sense of impunity throughout, a well grounded sense since nothing has ever touched them.

    The rottenness of all of it makes one's head swim. All of them have also been fond of committing war crimes overseas, killing and displacing millions of people everywhere, which is even worse than their financial flimflam. American democracy, what a joke, way different in reality than the garbage they taught us in school. Clearly both Republicans and Democrats see the law as a tool to enrich themselves and harm their "enemies. Face it, a jew currently runs Ukraine, the national socialists are bidding their times in every parts of the world, waiting for a chance to save this post world.

    There is nothing in this matter that can be remotely associated with Miranda. By referencing Miranda as like the collusion accusations the author is making the comparison between the two. Such as lawyer uses Miranda to draw attention away from the case. That is a false comparison, even if the person is actually guilty of the accusation. It is a legal standard. There is no legal standard for the collusion accusation. It is not linked even remotely to the Constitutional protections of citizens. Your response is circular self reinforcing and flawed logic coming and going.

    The liberals are not claiming a legal standard -- they are merely slinging mud. Because even if the president were in fact colluding, it would not provide a legal basis that the liberals and democrats lost the election as result. Unlike collusion, Miranda is a legal standard that upon violation moots a case because of the governments abuse of power Syria, the Ukraine, Libya, etc. The collusion argument does reflect the kind of circular rhetoric in defending this authors false comparison. Clintonites let us use this nickname for the power variously described as Democrats, Liberals, Internationals, financiers, Masters of Discourse or Deep State.

    But Alperovich's hackers in the Ukraine also use Russian as their working language. There was no 'Russian or Ukrainian hacking. Rich was pissed that 'corrupt Hillary' had shut out Bernie in the primaries. He had a motive. What, pray tell- would be the motive of the corrupt, Obama State Dept. A couple of Rothschild stooges installed to loot Ukraine and Russia respectively.

    The "maverick' is conducting himself in perfect, parallel alignment with the "Democrats, Liberals, Internationals, financiers, Masters of Discourse or Deep State", i. I'd say in all probability that Zelensky is the Maverick's boy. Which would go a long way toward understanding why Putin is staying at arms length from the comedian. All of this rot and corruption and its effects on ZUS politics is why I looked forward to getting some insights from Mr.

    You are removed from this case. Spencer might say some things that are valid and even things that pro-Whites agree with but he's still controlled opposition just like David Duke. Its quite logical the 'appearance ' of a conflict of interest can lead to questioning motives that's why judges 'recluse' themselves in cases where they have ties to anyone or anything involved in the case. Since you cant peer into the mind of someone who has the 'appearance 'of conflicting interest the best approach is to remove said person from any involvement in the search for the truth.

    Readers here know, and certain members of the media know Ammanpour, Anderson Cooper who have actually traveled without fixers and entourages. Chelsea Clinton is a repulsive slob who has no achievements other than inviting an actual human sex trafficker to her marriage to a fat, sullen Jew that is unemployed. Trump needs to go full thug. From his first day, I was certain that it was a catastrophic error not to indict Hillary Clinton and her accomplices. She never let up, and it appears she may just win yet. But in the case of Shamir I chalk it up to his focusing on the Biden details -- not on the big Barry picture.

    Surely the buck for this whole thing comes to rest like a stinking turd on Barack Obama's desk. It all occurred on his watch, overseen by his State Dept. What does all of that have to do with the Ukraine? I don't know!! Plenty of Jewish oligarchs there. Timing: He has not investigated Biden nor Clinton for almost 3 years. Now that Biden seems likely Democrat nominee, he suddenly becomes so keen to investigate, while still ignoring or not pushing for investigation of Clinton who is not running.

    Corruption: Trump appears corrupted too when he tries to use US aids as leverage to get Ukraine to start the ball rolling on something that can benefit his re-election. This is almost no difference than what Biden did. Vengeance: Instead of letting the machinery of Justice and State departments work at their own pace, Trump looks vengeful when he and his personal lawyer Giuliani are intimately involved.

    So, the country hardens the divide and more people lose confidence of politicians. Author's note: The invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq by a U. Joe Biden was in a unique position to prevent this war from happening. That he chose not to speaks volumes about the man who now seeks to become the next president of the United States. My personal experiences with Biden from to provide a window into the character of the man that Americans should familiarize themselves with before considering whether to give him their support.

    Listening to those words, coming as they were from Sen. Joe Biden, one of the most vociferous defenders of the policies of Bill Clinton's administration, I knew I was in for a grilling. It was Sept. I was seated, alone, at a table reserved for witnesses, giving testimony to a joint session of the Senate foreign relations and armed services committees about the reasons behind my resignation as a chief weapons inspector with the United Nations Special Commission UNSCOM , charged with overseeing the disarmament of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction WMD programs.

    Arrayed before me were some of the most powerful people in the United States, if not the world. The combined membership of these two committees totaled 36 senators, a little over a third of the entire membership of that esteemed body. More than 20 were present at the hearing and, over the course of the next hour and a half, I was questioned in detail by 17 of them, none of whom seemed to object to my presence more than Biden. Biden, however, had taken umbrage over the fact that the hearing had been allowed to go forward without the presence of either the secretary of state or secretary of defense to offer balance, especially when, as he couched the issue, I was trying to push the United States to war with Iraq.

    And despite my answers to the contrary, Biden proceeded to lecture me on the limitations of my position as an inspector. That's why they get the limos and you don't. Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican, who said, "We realize, Major Ritter, as far as we know, that you did not have a limousine; you did not make the big bucks we understand that, like sergeants and junior officers and people who carry the rifles and actually do the fighting and do the inspecting, that you may have a perspective that the big-bucks people don't. But rather than allow the inspections to run their course, the Clinton administration instead used the work of UNSCOM to deliberately provoke a confrontation, seeking to inspect a sensitive facility belonging to the Baath Party based upon old intelligence information that had long since expired.

    The goal was to get the Iraqis to deny inspectors access to the site. Biden, later declined to talk to me directly, instead dispatching a senior member of the minority staff of the Foreign Relations Committee to meet with me. This meeting was a singular disappointment. The staffer began by calling me a traitor for speaking out about Iraq and took umbrage when I backed up my claims with documents. After reminding the staffer that he was walking a very dangerous line in calling a former officer of Marines a traitor, I pointed out that the information I cited was from my time as an inspector, and was not classified in any way.

    The staffer agreed that the article was fact-based, even if he disagreed with its conclusion. This is about politics, and Senator Biden will not go against the policies of the Clinton administration, even if those policies are failing. Biden convened his hearing, which sought the testimony of witnesses hand-picked to sustain the desired conclusion that Iraq was a threat worthy of war. He then went on to vote in support of the use of military force against Iraq -- a sharp contrast to the position he took in No other republic had "the" before its name. It has nothing to do with it being a republic in the USSR.

    I also agree that all of this is a deep state operation against Trump. Why the deep state doesn't like Trump? Because they are afraid that he is going to blow their cover about the supposedly "liberal" US. It's all phony, but that's all they got, fake liberalism to keep the proles quiet in order not to demand real social improvements in their "democracy", instead of senseless voting in fixed elections. Do you understand your rights? The mockingbird mainstream whore media is unrelenting in its coordinated effort to coverup the crimes of creepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter, whilst hoisting the blame for said crimes on President Trump who had the audacity to request that the crimes of Joe and Hunter be investigated.

    Trump is a stupid cuck, a miserable pussy. That's why he can't get anything done. He isn't going to do anything about it. He responds to jewing by bending over more. If he'd just stand up to them and tell them to fuck off, the whole world would be better for it. Notice how Eliz Warren is skyrocketing. Because she's talking about government corruption and the middle class.

    Most people. No one likes being cheated or betrayed. As I've commented in UR a few times before, Trump should hand out Presidential Pardons to the scurvy lot of them; they'll never be prosecuted for their misdeeds, so why not tar them with pardons that spell out those misdeeds in gleeful detail. Yet we in the US are continuously cheated and betrayed for decades now.

    A lot of sheeple do not seem to notice. McCain's ventriloquist, then senior ratfuck officer assigned to Dmytro Firtash? This is just more of the same shit, CIA picks up their presidential Ken dolls and shakes them around like they're talking to each other. Biden's role as poster boy for corruption is all-you-can-steal, but don't imagine he has agency or discretion or anything.

    Whether it's the global white genocide project or the global CO2 control initiative, it's glaringly obvious that a lot of "our" political representatives are getting their marching orders from a half-hidden group of wannabe masters of the universe. The scary part is that a lot of those politicians are unflinchingly pushing unpopular and ultimately political-career-ending policies.

    That's how much their loyalty lies on the side of these enemies of humanity. Watch real news to found out! No group has had such an outsized influence per capita as all of you standing before you, and all of those who went before me and all of those who went before you. Jews have also been key to the evolution of American jurisprudence, he continued, namedropping Brandeis, Fortas, Frankfurter, Cardozo, Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan.

    You can't talk about the recognition of rights in the Constitution without looking at these incredible jurists that we've had. And that's a fact," he said. I really mean that. I think you vastly underestimate the impact you've had on the development of this nation. We owe you, we owe generations who came before you," he said.

    That's because the citizens of the Soviet Union were educated people not brain dead automatons , like the majority of the US citizenry. Then what? Safe from Orange Man and the Deplorables I mean. Russia, China and Iran are another matter. Unless U. Atty Barr has something really good up his sleeve.

    Does anybody here think Barr will actually do anything? Other than not inditing Comey? Like Ann Coulter says, "I don't even like Trump but I'm forced to defend him because they lie so much about him. All solid citizens, especially the host, an arms dealer. Nancy Pelosi also received funding for her campaign in the Ukraine and other Democrats may have as well. Bush like a favored nephew, and both benefitted greatly in partnership international narcotics trafficking. After Bill it was George's son's turn, after that came Rockefeller's next choice Obama.

    Trump interrupted the Rockefeller reign, but he has problems too steming from his accepting Russian mafia money in the late 80s early 90's, to save his real estate empire. So today we're witnessing a fight between the Russian mafia crooks including a reluctant but fatally comprimised Trump, and the Rockefeller's communist crooks, all for control of America, her banks and military, and ultimately the world. What the Dems did was go spastic for 3 years screaming Russia to hide Ukraine.

    I'm sure there is more dirt in Ukraine and China and. Notice Trump has 2 personal lawyers that he has briefed to handle items he could normally count on a Cabinet Secretary to do? These are not, I suggest, normal times. But now it's the 4th period and they are out of gas sorry, bad sports metaphor. Trump could get impeached. The Senate would look at it. Rule it is spurious and throw it out. Who is their to vote for: Biden, Warren, Booker, Bernie?

    The Left has no one except Gabbard and they don't trust her. Kamala Harris has lost all heart. Killary Clinton or Big Mike Obama? The voters would reject both. They have nothing. He has been very successful, and leads a happy and celebrated life. I would urge all of you to consider his example, think first of your families, and desist from backing a losing cause.

    America is mostly lost. We can keep it alive in our homes, but our political culture is, and will remain, an alien culture, that renounces the vision of our founders. A , says: October 4, at pm GMT.

    Which is precisely why Trumpenstein must be destroyed, and why Brexit must not be allowed to happen or, if it does, why the people of the United Kingdom must be mercilessly punished. It is also why the Gilets Jaunes are being brutally repressed by the French police, and disappeared by the corporate media. True believers in the Globalist faith as a matter of dogma believe, "Anyone who does not meekly submit to unelected elites must be mentally ill.

    Thus the 1st Mosque of the Globalist Faith leads only to failure. In fact, Christianity has sanctions for such idolatry. Now that the fake stream, corporate media no longer controls the narrative -- The far left cannot win the next election. Will the beast of the underworld, The IslamoSoros, try to steal the election? But, such spawn of Satan can be defeated by men of goodwill. Fred C. Dobbs , October 01, at PM.

    Homeland Security Dept. McAleenan, the acting secretary of homeland security, the department is trying to project a new vigilance about violent white nationalism, beating back criticism that the agency has spent a decade playing down the issue. In our modern age, the continuation of racially based violent extremism, particularly violent white supremacy, is an abhorrent affront to the nation," Mr. McAleenan said during an address last month, describing white nationalism as one of the most dangerous threats to the United States.

    The department's new stance contrasts that of President Trump, who has repeatedly dismissed white supremacy as an insignificant fringe movement. But beyond words and documents, many officials trying to combat the threat throughout the country remain skeptical that the full weight of federal law enforcement is finally being used to give bigoted domestic terrorism the attention it deserves.

    The [neo]liberal mob was standing around with their torches and pitchforks in a state of shock. Doctor Mueller, the "monster hunter," had let Trumpenstein slip through his fingers. The supposedly ironclad case against him had turned out to be a bunch of lies made up by the Intelligence Community, the Democratic Party, and the corporate media. Russiagate was officially dead. The President of the United States was not a Russian secret agent.

    No one was blackmailing anyone with a videotape of Romanian prostitutes peeing on a bed where Obama once slept. All that had happened was, millions of liberals had been subjected to the most elaborate psyop in the history of elaborate deep state psyops which, ironically, had only further strengthened Trumpenstein, who was out there on the Portico balcony, shotgunning Diet Cokes with one hand and shaking his junk at the mob with the other.

    Dobbs , September 26, at PM. By the time the call was over 30 minutes later, it quickly became clear that it was anything but. Soon after President Trump put the phone down that summer day, the red flags began to go up. Rather than just one head of state offering another pro forma congratulations for recent elections, the call turned into a bid by Mr.

    Trump to press a Ukrainian leader in need of additional American aid to "do us a favor" and investigate Democrats. The alarm among officials who heard the exchange led to an extraordinary effort to keep too many more people from learning about it. In the days to come, according to a whistle-blower complaint released on Thursday, White House officials embarked on a campaign to "lock down" the record of the call, removing it from the usual electronic file and hiding it away in a separate system normally used for classified information.

    But word began to spread anyway, kicking off a succession of events that would eventually reveal details of the call to the public and has now put Mr. Trump at risk of being impeached by a Democrat-led House for abusing his power and betraying his office. The story of the past two months is one of a White House scrambling to keep secrets to protect a president willing to cross lines others would not, only to find the very government he frequently disparages expose him.

    The president and his Republican allies rejected that characterization, saying he made no quid pro quo demands of President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, who himself told reporters in New York on Wednesday that he did not feel like he was being pushed. Trump dismissed the complaint as part of "another Witch Hunt" against him and suggested the whistle-blower was "close to a spy. But while the White House disparaged the whistle-blower's complaint as full of secondhand information and media-reported events, it did not directly deny the sequence of events as outlined.

    During the call on the morning of July 25, Mr. Zelensky talked about how much Ukraine had come to depend on the United States to help in its grinding, five-year war with Russian-sponsored separatists in the eastern part of the country. Without missing a beat, Mr. Trump then segued directly to his request for help in his own domestic politics. Ukraine, he said, should look into conspiracy theories about Democratic emails hacked during the election as well as the actions of former Vice President Joseph R.

    Biden Jr. Trump said. While the president saw nothing wrong with his request, officials who heard it quickly worried that it would be problematic at best and set about finding ways to keep the conversation hidden. The electronic version of the reconstructed transcript produced from notes and voice recognition software was removed from the computer system where such documents are typically stored for distribution to cabinet-level officers, according to the complaint.

    Instead, it went into a classified system even though the call did not contain anything especially delicate in terms of national security information. The actions were unusual in a normal national security process but not unheard-of in Mr. Trump's administration. Since early in his tenure, when transcripts of his telephone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia leaked, Mr.

    Trump has been sensitive to preventing such records from getting out. He has proved particularly attuned to guarding the confidentiality of other conversations involving the former Soviet Union. After his first meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia after taking office, Mr. Trump took his interpreter's notes and ordered him not to disclose what he heard to anyone. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she believes President Trump is "goading" House Democrats to impeach him because he thinks it could help him politically.

    Every single day, he's just like, taunting and taunting and taunting. Pelosi argued Trump is daring them to impeach him because he believes it would help him "solidify his base" ahead of his re-election. Pelosi said that puts Democrats in a dilemma. Japan has a shrinking population. Can you explain to me why on the Earth they need economic growth? This preoccupation with "growth" with narrow and false one dimensional and very questionable measurements via GDP, which includes the FIRE sector is a fallacy promoted by neoliberalism. Neoliberalism proved to be quite sophisticated religions with its own set of True Believers in Eric Hoffer's terminology.

    For example, the narrow definition of unemployment used in U3 is just a classic example of pseudoscience in full bloom. It can be mentioned only if U6 mentioned first. While I doubt that people will hang Pelosi on the street post, her successor might not be so lucky ;-. Everything is fake in the current neoliberal discourse, be it political or economic, and it is not that easy to understand how they are deceiving us.

    Lies that are so sophisticated that often it is impossible to tell they are actually lies, not facts. The whole neoliberal society is just big an Empire of Illusions, the kingdom of lies and distortions. And probably only one in ten, if not one in a hundred economists deserve to be called scientists. Most are charlatans pushing fake papers on useless conferences. It is simply amazing that the neoliberal society, which is based on "universal deception," can exist for so long. Williams, vice chair of the powerful, rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee, who was a year into his tenure.

    This is us, we have a unexhaustable desire for these secret meetings to meet, so we vote, every year to convene them. If these secret meeting did not occur then we could never do a deal with the super wealthy and our precious will not be insured. Reply Saturday, October 05, at PM.

    You want dirt on Biden? Sure thing, how about a small reduction of America's naval presence in Asia. You'll get all the dirt you need Mr. When in doubt follow the money. Congressman Schiff's When in doubt follow the money. Congressman Schiff's well documented Putin obsession may have something to do with his billionaire, military complex, oligarch patron from Ukraine. In a Zerohedge post yesterday, chronicling the latest Adam Schiff idiocy, where the Democrat Congressman spoke to a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania, declaring Russian ads promoted the Second Amendment during the election "so we will kill each other" commenter AlaricBalth linked some interesting information on Schiff's underlying motivation behind his Russia hysteria.

    See Also Latest , Video. Founded 27 years ago in the U. Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship type certificates and operates with an FAA Production Certificate, while featuring a product line that includes advanced airships and tethered aerostats utilized in commercial and government applications throughout the world. Schiff's hate for Trump and hate for Russia, can be easily explained by the money he appears to received from his oligarch patron, who has an agenda to neo-liberalize Ukraine, and profit from the pillage started in Maidan in To ensure the investigation was done swiftly, she took the franchise from Nadler and his judiciary committee and handed it to Adam Schiff and the intelligence committee.

    Now she is urging a narrowing of the articles of impeachment to just one -- Trump's request of Ukraine's president to look into the Bidens. Pelosi's hope: Have one House vote on a single article of impeachment by year end; then send it on to the Senate for trial and be done with it. This is Nancy Pelosi's fast track to impeachment of Trump and ruination of his presidency. But, to be sure, she is "heartbroken" about all this. For three years, the media-deep state axis has sought to overturn the election of and bring down Trump, starting with Russia-gate.

    Now it appears to have tailored and weaponized the impeachment process. That is what this is all about. It always is. Then-editor Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post, when it looked like the Iran-Contra matter might break Ronald Reagan's presidency, after his state landslide, chortled, "We haven't had this much fun since Watergate. This is what the deep state does to outsiders Middle America sends to Washington to challenge or dispossess it. Recognize reality. Whether or not Trump was ill-advised to suggest to the president of Ukraine that passing on the fruits of the investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden, the end game is bringing down Trump, democracy's equivalent of regicide.

    While the "whistleblower," whose memo is the basis of these impeachment hearings, is well on his way to Beltway beatification, no campaign to depose the president can be allowed to cloak itself in anonymity indefinitely, for one man's whistleblower is another man's seditionist. Whom did the whistleblower collaborate with to produce his memo?