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Ask them how they are enjoying the product.

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Ask them if they need help or have questions for you. Ask them for referrals. Chances are, most of the prospects bought due to the company and the brand, rather than the actual salesman. Besides, the other guy that quit or got fired…well, they might be gone for a good reason. He or she may also have s kipped over a ton of awesome leads who are just waiting to throw their credit cards at you.

Agencies Say Referrals, Networking Best For Drumming Up New Biz

The days of driving to a meeting, wasting gas, buying lunch and making small talk for an hour are over. Thanks to social media, you can network with 10 people online in half the time it takes to network with one offline. Be interested, interesting and professional. I reached out to the top insurance agencies and spoke to many agents.

Insurance agents were excellent sources of referrals for me. What referral sources are you not chasing?

So why bother?

There are plenty of people in your market who need your services. There are plenty of other people who sell to those people.

Find them. Close them.

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This will help ensure that you secure—and maintain—a solid amount of quality leads. To create a pipeline of real estate prospects that will grow and sustain your business, you have to prospect every day. Getting new clients in real estate is a large part of your job at first. Instead, you need to treat prospecting the same way you would any other important appointment. Clear your schedule and focus entirely on it.

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At the end of each day, evaluate your prospecting efforts and set objectives for the next day. Since much of your prospecting will be over the phone, it is vital that you know about and adhere to the legal policies of the Do Not Call Registry DNCR. The DNCR state and national databases contain the phone numbers of consumers who have elected not to be solicited by companies they do not already have business dealings with.

So make sure that you register with the DNCR and check what numbers are already listed in the national database.

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Now that you know what to do, get on the phone, tap social media, and hit the streets. The sooner you start building your pipeline of prospects, the quicker you can start making money. For more real estate prospecting ideas, check out our previous article: 5 Real Estate Prospecting Plays for New Agents. Not licensed yet? Watch the brief video below to learn how to earn a real estate license in your state.

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I loved the flexibility of being able to study at my own pace. The classes also made understanding the material manageable and user friendly. I found the format very helpful.

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Step 2: Commit to real estate prospecting ideas Prospecting is essentially any activity that directly involves verbal or in-person contact with people for the sole purpose of obtaining their business. Here are several real estate prospecting ideas and activities to try: Call or visit people you know.

5 Free Things You Can Do Right Now To Drum Up Some Sales

Canvass neighborhoods through cold calls or visits. Contact the owners of expired, for sale by owner, and foreclosure listings.

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  8. Call former satisfied clients for referrals. Volunteer for floor duty at your brokerage.