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Bob began to speak into the telephone again. Give me Dan Wade any day! Becky knew he was a nice man. But here in Curry County, the district attorney was Rourke Kilpatrick. Perhaps, she thought optimistically, her employer had just gotten off on the wrong foot with Kilpatrick. He was probably every bit as nice as Dan Wade when you got to know him.

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She started to point this out to Mr. Malcolm when Harley broke in. Bob sat back in his plush leather chair. She actually had to be tranquilized after she testified. Of course, Kilpatrick hates it. She died pretty soon afterward, so Kilpatrick became the ward of his uncle. She might soften him up. Malcolm laughed gently. He turned to Becky. She watched him go with a wistful sigh. He was a caring kind of person, even if he did have the temper of a barracuda.

Maggie showed her the filing that needed doing with an indulgent smile. The petite, thin black woman had been with the firm for twenty years, and she knew where all the bodies were buried.

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Becky had wondered sometimes if that was why Maggie had job security, because she had a sharp tongue—she could be hard on clients and new secretaries alike. But fortunately, she and Becky got along very well—they even had lunch together from time to time. Maggie was the only person she could talk to except Granddad.

Jessica, the elegant blond secretary on the other side of the office, was Mr. Hague and Mr. She enjoyed her status as Mr. Tess Coleman was one of the paralegals—a just-married young blonde with a friendly smile. Nettie Hayes, a black law student, was the other paralegal. The receptionist was Connie Blair, a vivacious brunette who was unmarried and in no hurry to change her status. Becky got along well with the rest of the office staff, but Maggie was still her favorite. Becky smiled back, but halfheartedly. Life was passing her by.

In The Still Of the Night

The word around the office was that Becky was an old-fashioned girl. Becky had hoped that when the law firm moved to Curry Station, she might have a little more opportunity for a social life. For a suburban area, it did at least have a small-town atmosphere. But even if she found someone to date, how could she afford to get serious about anybody?

In The Still of the Night (Blonde Barracuda #2) - Taylor Lee

Daydreams, she thought miserably. That he could go away for two years and not even call or write to see how his kids were. She drove home late that afternoon in her white Thunderbird. It was one of the older models with bucket seats and a small, squarish body with a Landau roof. She hated midtown Atlanta, and was glad not to be working there anymore, but today it seemed even more hectic than usual.

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She found a spot in a car park, got the files, and hurried back out—just in time to get in the thick of rush hour. The traffic going past the Tenth Street exit was terrible, and it got worse past the Omni. But down around Grady Hospital, it began to thin out, and by the time she passed the stadium and the exit to the Hartsfield International Airport, she was able to relax again.


Twenty minutes down the road, she crossed into Curry County, and five minutes later, she rounded the square in Curry Station, still several minutes away from the massive suburban office complex where her bosses had their new offices. Curry Station looked pretty much the way it had since the Civil War. The obligatory Confederate soldier guarded the town square with his musket, surrounded by benches where old men could sit on a sunny Saturday afternoon and pass the time of day.

There was a drugstore, a dry goods store, a grocery, and a newly remodeled theater. Curry Station still had its magnificent old red-brick courthouse with the huge clock, and it was here that superior court and state court were convened during its sessions. It was also here that the district attorney had his office, which they said was being remodeled. She was curious about Mr. She knew of the Kilpatricks, of course—everyone did. The first Kilpatrick had made a fortune in shipping in Savannah before he had moved to Atlanta.

Over the years, the wealth had diminished, but she understood that Kilpatrick drove a Mercedes-Benz and lived in a mansion. Rourke Kilpatrick had been appointed by the governor to fill the unexpired term of the previous D. When his term ended a year later, Kilpatrick had surprised everyone by winning the election. Her mind drifted as she stared out her windshield at the residential area she was passing through. There were a number of stately homes on the main street of town, ringed by big oak and pine trees, and dogwoods that spread their petals wide in the spring in white and pink splendor.

On the back roads to town were several old farms whose tumbledown barns and houses gave silent testimony to the stubborn pride of the Georgians who had held on to them for generations, no matter what the sacrifice. One of those old farms belonged to Granger Cullen, the third Cullen to inherit it in a genealogy that dated to the Civil War in Georgia. The Cullens had always managed somehow to hold on to their hundred-acre possession. The farm was ramshackle these days, with a white clapboard house that needed everything done to it.

There was television, but no cable because it was too expensive. There was a telephone, but on a party line with three neighbors who never got off the phone. There was city water and city sewerage, for which Becky thanked her lucky stars, but the plumbing tended to freeze up in winter and there never seemed to be enough gas in the tank to heat the house until money was saved to buy more.

PDF In the Still of the Night: Sexy Romantic Suspense (The Blonde Barracuda Series Book 2)

Becky parked the car in the leaning shed that served as a garage, and then just sat and looked around. The fences were half down, rusted, and held up with posts that had all but decayed. The trees were bare, because it was winter, and the field had grown up with broom sage and beggar lice.

There was plenty of hay in the loft of the old barn to feed the two cows they kept for milking, plenty of mash to feed the hens, and corn to add to the bulk of food the animals ate. But that would all be gone by summer, and more would have to be put up. Ebooks and Manuals

In the meanwhile, Becky had to work. Her whole life was one long, endless sequence of work. She felt guilty at her own horrible self-pity. She opened the car door and got out. As a social animal, she was a dead loss, she mused. Granddad was sitting on the sunny side of the porch in a cane-bottomed chair, grinning at his granddaughter. He was wearing a white shirt and sweater with his overalls, and he looked healthier than he had in weeks.

It was warm for a February afternoon, almost springlike. He disappeared quickly into the barn.

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Becky saw Granddad avert his eyes to toy with his stick and pocketknife as she climbed the steps, purse in hand. He shrugged, his balding silvery head bent. He was a tall man, very thin and stooped since his heart attack, and brown from years of outside work. He had age marks on the backs of his long-fingered hands and wrinkles in his face that looked like road ruts in the rain.

He was sixty-six now, but he looked much older. His life had been a hard one. Including his wife. But Becky was sure that she had simply given up. They had given names, but like many Southern boys, they had nicknames that had little to do with their Christian appelations. In their case, it was more like a license to kill. He drove a big blue Corvette and always had money. He told me he was old enough to make his own decisions, and that you and I had no rights over him.

He cussed me. Imagine that, a seventeen-year-old boy cussing his own grandfather? Meeting Lexie in book 1 made me want to run out and take karate. She's Although this book can be a stand alone, I would recommend reading the first book in the series, Big Girls Don't Cry. She's a strong female character who can kick the crap out of men three times her size, but she still has issues that carry on to the end of book 2.

I had to remind myself of her background from book 1 when she started to irritate me, and she only irritated me because I absolutely love Jake. I'm hoping in book 3 she learns to let go and let Jake take care of her. Of course what suspenseful romance doesn't have sexy, mercenary type men.

This one has Jake, who loves Lexie with everything he has. His partner, Brady, loves her like a sister. The bond these three have is amazing to read about.

The dialogue during the intimate scenes with Lexie and Jake went in and out of character for me. I love the Jake that took charge and dominated her, but not so much when he was overly anxious. I can't wait to read book 3 and, without giving any spoilers, I'll just say I hope Jake gets both of his wishes. Nov 24, Mimi Barbour rated it it was amazing.

First read Big Girls don't Cry You'll be glad you did. This romance sizzles with passion and Jake's love for Lexie Sun-ja. Strong women survive was Lexie's motto and she lived by it. Training in the martial arts kept her in peak condition and training others helped her deal with the past. But knowing there were innocent women forced into prostitution by rotten human traffickers wasn't to be tolerated.

Lexie and her girls were going to do something about it no m First read Big Girls don't Cry Lexie and her girls were going to do something about it no matter how angry it made Jake. And no matter how dangerous to herself. Between the passionate sex and the detailed fighting - the wonderful characters and the graphic narrative, I have to give this incredible story the 5 stars it deserves. Jun 21, Katt rated it it was amazing.

Better then Big girls don't cry. The people were believable and scary. Need to love sex explored to the fullest also you never know who's the good guys and who's the bad guys. Great mystery to this story. Apr 09, Lou added it Shelves: fuego-hot Good love story with a twist at the end, suspense, adventure, martial arts.

Apr 30, Kathy rated it really liked it. I liked this story very much, but the mistakes need to be cleaned up. Dec 24, lynn Reyes rated it really liked it. Great read Loved it. Action, suspense and romance topped with some steamy sex scenes. Everything to keep you entertained in one book. May 15, Michele bookloverforever rated it really liked it Shelves: bdsm , ebooks , erotic-romance , romantic-suspense.

May 03, K. Worse than the first. Why did I read the second one, let alone another by this author? Blargh Must be in a self-destructive fugue.

Nov 07, Lindsay marked it as kindle-i-own-to-read. Kelly Kerksick rated it it was amazing May 19, Wenrog rated it really liked it Mar 19, Ashley rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Lori Watson rated it really liked it Jul 05, Lulu rated it really liked it Dec 14, Cindy rated it really liked it Jul 20, Kassy rated it liked it Dec 30, Mo rated it really liked it Jan 24, Michelle rated it it was ok Jan 25, Sue rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Rachel rated it it was amazing Jan 28,