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Norris, the reverend's wife, lives near her sister Lady Bertram; Rev. Norris is the minister to the parish attached to Mansfield Park. The two women have not heard from their third sister for many years, until, one day, a letter arrives informing them that she is about to give birth yet again and begging them to help see her older children placed in the world.

Motivated by a sense of self-importance rather than any real family feeling, Mrs. Norris, Lady Bertram, and Sir Thomas decide to send for the wayward woman's oldest daughter, a girl of nine named Fanny. After a discussion of the girl's proper "place" in the Bertram household, during which Mrs. Norris, ever the busybody, points out that she must be constantly reminded of her lower status, they decide that she will live with the Bertrams rather than the childless Mrs. Norris, who claims that she has no money and that her husband will be bothered by the presence of a child.

Fanny arrives at Mansfield Park and meets the family. Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram have four children: Tom, the heir, is 17; Edmund, who is to be a clergyman, is 16; Maria is 13; and Julia is Fanny is quite shy and is frightened by brash Sir Thomas, neurotic Lady Bertram, and the spoiled children. The family is pleased with Fanny's modest looks and her retiring personality; she already seems to "know her place. Nevertheless, they are happy to have her around to use as a political third in their childish skirmishes. Norris's constant harangues and the cruelties of the governess and the two girls soon wear Fanny down.

One day, Edmund finds Fanny crying in the stairway. He comforts her, and the two become fast friends. Soon Fanny becomes almost happy at Mansfield Park, due in large part to the companionship of her cousin Edmund. Maria and Julia continue to see her as a second-class citizen, though; they are particularly puzzled that she does not want to learn drawing or music. Altogether, though, everyone is quite pleased with the young lady that Fanny is becoming. Sir Thomas also goes out of his way to help Fanny's beloved brother William, for whom he procures a spot in the Navy. After Fanny has been at Mansfield Park for about five years, Mrs.

Norris's husband dies. His position as parish minister was to have gone to Edmund, but Edmund is not of age yet and has not taken his orders as a priest. Normally, the position would go to a family friend to hold until Edmund was old enough, but Tom Bertram has been extravagant and contracted many debts, necessitating that the living as parish positions are called in the 19th century go to someone else.

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Grant comes with his wife to Mansfield to fill the position. Everyone expects that Mrs. Norris, now a widow, will take Fanny to live with her, but by her usual convoluted logic, she convinces the Bertrams, much to Fanny's relief, to keep the girl with them. The Grants soon settle into Mansfield society, despite Mrs. Norris's criticisms of their habits of household management.

About a year after the Grants' arrival, Sir Thomas finds it necessary to go to Antigua an island in the Caribbean to take care of some business matters concerning his plantation holdings there. He departs, taking Tom with him. Most of the inhabitants of Mansfield Park are secretly happy to see Sir Thomas go; his daughters view him as a stern master who thwarts their girlish pleasures, and Fanny is mostly afraid of him.

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