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Jonas spent many years developing the script with co-writer Dennis Magnusson. Beyond getting the script right, Jonas considered it important to gain the support of people who lived through the whole saga.

There are obviously a lot of sensitivities involved, because a lot of people died. A lot of people are still living with a dead child or a dead brother, all the way down to the fireman who died in a church fire. So for them to meet me, read scripts and give clearance on music was fantastic. Now that a lot of time has passed, this movie is becoming important.

Being a notably laid-back kind of gentleman, he seems unruffled by the inevitability of some disgruntled black metal fans insisting that Lords Of Chaos got the story all wrong.

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Even Varg has changed his story several times, when he says what happened on the night he killed Euronymous. Our teachers are actors, stunt performers, fight directors and choreographers in today's industry market.

We are in the hustle every day alongside you and want to help prepare you for the physical demand of auditioning and performing while providing you with marketable skills at rates that won't break the bank. Jason Paul Tate is a New York City based director, choreographer and performer who has been fortunate enough to tread the boards at the Metropolitan Opera and to walk the planks of a Pirate stunt show.

Norwegians are an introverted kind of people. Mayhem declared themselves satanists, not because they worshipped the devil, but because the creed promoted individualism, riled Christians — and got attention.

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They pioneered an unforgiving sound: demonic wails; hostile, pulsating riffs; a trance-inducing wall of noise. The more primitive the production, the better. When Vikernes, as Burzum, made his debut album, he asked the producer to give him the worst microphone he had. You could travel within it. The demons erupted in Four years earlier, Pelle Ohlin had arrived in Norway. Hearing Mayhem needed a singer, the Swedish vocalist had sent a cassette to their PO box, along with a dead mouse attached to a cross. Ohlin transformed the band. Obsessed with death, he buried his stage clothes for days, allowing them to rot before wearing them; he brought a dead crow to rehearsal; he wore face paint on stage, which he called corpse-paint.

Aarseth followed suit with the paint, as did many others. On stage, Ohlin would self-harm severely.

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Ohlin had mental health problems. With a knife. We were so used to it, we put him in handcuffs, and left him lying in the corner. In April , Ohlin killed himself in his bedroom.

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He had slit his wrists and shot himself. Aarseth found him, then took photos of him, disgusting many of his colleagues, including Stubberud, who quit the band because of it. Many believe that this was a turning point for him, the band and the scene.