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not everyone is a born leader

What do you think we should do to overcome that reluctance? I do think it is a sensitive subject and have written about this extensively on our blog.

And regardless of whether CS owns revenue or not, your objectives from top down will tie to revenue ultimately. If your company is not getting fairly compensated for the value they provide then they will go out of business and the customer will not be able to benefit any longer.

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Presuming a company is providing a lot of value to its customers, then this is a very valid point. I therefore think about how best to align the interests of the vendor, customer and employee to achieve a triple win, and then use that to determine who best should own revenue.

Customer Success Trends

First off, I would be checking in the interview where revenue ownership lies and look to join a company where I did own revenue. However, if I was already there, I would start to build a framework that measures the value the CS org is generating and tie results to revenue myself to demonstrate the connection. I think metrics for the performance of a CS group need to be tied to the performance of customers.

When these interests align, then we know a CS group is performing. Conference participants were then treated to three different case studies demonstrating how Fastly, Mentor Collective and Oracle are building and scaling Customer Success practices that have direct connection to revenue and are proving value to their customers. Post a job Why advertise with us? Email sign-up.


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Is hiring your priority? Schedule two hours at the beginning of each day to identify and contact candidates. Practice extreme minimalism outside your Blueprint Roadmap much easier once you have a Blueprint. Want to save time building your blueprint for success?

Customer Success Trends

This time every year, sales and sales operations teams set their annual sales plan for the coming year. Learn how to work through the complexity of sales planning to start off strong. After 20 years in sales, Amy Volas is finally seeing startups embrace the idea of hiring women on their sales teams.

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  • Find out what can be done to change that. Stripe is a company built by developers, for developers. Achieve this as a sales leader and you: Double sales without hiring a single rep.

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    Earn more money with less stress. Impress your boss or CEO. Get Promoted. In fact, I struggled with low win rates for years. The answer is simple. World-class sales leaders are world-class at two things: Identifying the next, MOST important thing to work on Taking massive action to complete it Sound easy?